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Everyone is Striving for IT...
Now You Can Drink IT

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Made with organic, pure, natural water from the holistic 7 Mountains of Pennsylvania, where the air is clean and the preferred mode of transportation for many is horse & buggy. Total Package is a natural choice for those seeking a no sugar, no carb energy shot. The bottle is individually hand-wrapped and the content has been given even greater attention. The ingredients have been approved by medical authorities (see recommendation in Testimonials). The taste is better than anything in its class; a clean, light and refreshing flavor experience, during and after consumption. The energy release is smooth, no jitters, no crash, just a seamless pickup to start, or carry on with your day or night.

As a neural enhancer, Total Package provides great mental acuity and sustained right-away-response - be it in the classroom, boardroom, office, the playing court or field, or any place where a presence of mind is needed and necessary.
Everyone is striving for it...
now you can drink it!!

Total Package was developed totally in the lab with specifications followed by the biochemists to produce the best energy shot on the market. the lab is inspected and registered with the FDA. The founder suggested a fun shot that would provide many benefits. As a functional drink, it would satisfy the needs of athletes and those on the go, as well as giving the everyday person the boost to get through the day. As a New Age Beverage, it would provide the best fruits, herbs and ingredients available. The result melded into a mix including the choicest natural herbs from South America, Central America and Africa. Then our special vitamin blend was added. The small dose of caffeine is equivalent to a half cup of coffee and combined with the acacia, there are studies showing its effectiveness for up to 6 hours without the crash. The Total Package Energy Shot is the product of nearly 30 years of nutraceutical expertise presented in a convenient 3 ounce bottle.

Try it today and make it your choice for bringing out and sustaining the Total Package within yourself!
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