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Everyone is Striving for IT...
Now You Can Drink IT

What People Are Saying About Total Package Energy

At the heart of an energy shot is what folks say about the product.  Read on to understand what makes Total Package Energy Shot the very best!  

As the greatest living boxing trainer, Kevin Rooney says, "Everybody is Striving for It, Now You Can Drink It - Total Package!"

Dr. Agarwala on Total Package Energy Shot:
"As a cardiologist, I know the effects of stimulants on the heart.  The benefits of a clean New Age beverage - used in moderation can be positive.  Starting with the choice of a clean beverage, one with less than usual additives, helps tremendously.  Total Package Energy Shot in my opinion, is the cleanest product there is.  Its smooth increase of energy makes it a natural choice for me.  Given a healthy person, one with no heart condition, hypertension, or sensitivity to stimulants, Total Package Energy Shot is the best energy drink one could have."

Dr.Ajay Agarwala, Director, Health Excel Cardiology

You bet we are...Total Package Energy Shot is swimming with the Sharks!! 

Dr. Paul on Total Package Energy Shot:
"Having traveled the world over practicing medicine, I have assessed quite a bit of herb/vitamin blend products.  In the basic sense, the blend of ingredients in Total Package Energy Shot provides not only a great natural and safe product, it is far more superior to anything on the market today. 

Research supports the effectiveness of the featured  ingredients; yohimbe, acacia, the coupling of these products with Total Package’s unique vitamin blend sets this product in a class of its own.

As a Functional beverage and New Age beverage, Total Package Energy Shot serves the needs of those seeking an energy boost, nutrition-filled supplement and neural enhancer.  
I recommend Total Package Energy Shot to those who want the finest energy product on the market.  A clean and effective drink with no jitters, no crash, and plenty of scientific benefits in a 3 ounce bottle." 

Dr. Rishipaul Singh, Director, Rishikul International

Professional Boxer Terrance Lewis on Total Package Energy Shot:
"Being a veteran of over 50 heavyweight boxing matches, I know the benefits of a much-needed boost of energy in the final rounds.

Total Package Energy Shot has been a benefit to me as I spar and take on the hungry fighters in the gym.  Total Package Energy Shot has what it takes to bring out the best in a fighter, and keep him on his toes.

Be it a grueling day in the boardroom, classroom, playing field, rigors of everyday activities, or when friends are having great times together, Total Package Energy Shot will provide the alertness and energy to come through a winner.  

That's why I recommend Total Package Energy Shot; it's a knockout!
Drink Total Package Energy Shot, the best energy shot money can buy!"

Terrance "KO" Lewis, Former #1 ranked Heavyweight Boxer in the World, Ring Magazine

Fitness Trainer Judea Brown's Total Package Experiences:
"As a Master Fitness Trainer I have tried various fitness training/energy products.   Hands down, Total Package Energy Shot gives me the energy needed after long days and rigorous training schedules.  When I am drained, I have a bottle of Total Package Energy Shot and I go through my personal workout with ease.

Even after taking a very short nap following a long day at work, I am refreshed and ready to get on with my night - be it football, basketball or more exercise having consumed a bottle of Total Package Energy Shot.  The true quality of Total Package Energy Shot came to light when a young client who seldom ever completes a workout took a shot at his point of total fatigue and to his surprise, zipped through his workout and was ready for more!  He asked me to bring him more Total Package and he also asked where he could purchase Total Package!

In my opinion Total Package Energy Shot is the best thing to hit the market since the advent of energy shots and energy drinks."

Judea Brown, Master Fitness Trainer /Fitness Club Manager, Philadelphia Sports Club

Lucky Singh, Edison NJ :
"My 24 hour service station is always full and for my customers, I always keep 
Total Package Energy Shot on hand. Customers LOVE IT!!

Lucky Singh, Owner

Jimmy Stroud of Chicago, IL on Total Package:
"While trekking through the Mojave Dessert in California, I kept my energy up with Total Package Energy Shot".
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